Wednesday, December 27, 2006

For Dale...

Here are the photos you couldn't see in my email. You can see the edges of the tree skirts made from round tablecloths. So check out those after Christmas sales!

The cute puppy under the tree is Tara as a pup and then as a young adult. She is 6 years old now and generally known as Tara the twirp or Tara the terror. She works hard to live up to those names. I should have known such serious eyes on a puppy meant trouble. *G*

For some reason known only to her, yesterday Tara's half and older sister Krystal aka 'Diva' aka 'The Princess' decided after all these years to see if the crocheted skirt tasted good. I caught her before she did a lot of damage...... grrrrrrrrrrr!
How did this go from being about tree skirts to griping about dogs?


Blogger Cary said...

Tooooo cute, Eve!!!

5:26 PM  

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