Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hustle and bustle of the season

While many are running around shopping and trying to finish last minutes projects.... I am walking around...

We have been blessed with unseasonably warm and sunny days for December (we won't talk about the nights..brrrr) and so my old walking buddy (Hi Pat!) and I have started walking as we used to.

Recently we walked in a nearby park that was once a local amusement park and I took some photos. As you can see we are surrounded by hills, one of the things I like about living here, no matter where you are, you can see a hill in the distance.

There are lots of Canadian Geese in this pond and one of them is a one legged goose. It seems to get around just fine, a little awkward on land, but very graceful in the water and air.

Some shots of the carousel building that is being restored. You can see the pond in the reflection on the glass.

I read somewhere that this carousel was the largest and fastest in the world, don't know if it is fact or fiction, but I do know that it is beautiful and being lovingly restored. Unfortunately the buildings that housed the other amusement rides have been removed. Maybe someday those rides will be back!


Blogger Pamela said...

I love traditional carousels, especially those that have other animals alongside the horses. Yours looks like it will be gorgeous once all the restoration has been completed.

5:42 AM  

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