Sunday, January 14, 2007

Catching up....

I can't believe it is January 14th already... my days just seem to be zipping by.. I'm getting in some studio time whenever I can, not always easy to do with family, friends, dogs and local activities. I'll be posting some new things on my studio blog and website as I work on them.

A new year means new projects. My first project completed was a pocket bag. I saw the project in Spindlicity and decided to try it. I made a few changes to the pattern, but used the technique for added the second yarn and second needle in order to work the inside and outside pockets at the same time. I would not recommend this project to a beginner knitter, but I enjoyed making the bag.

The first bag was made from using Serenity Farms (Hi Cary!) Corriedale wool from a sheep named Eve and a blue wool blend, but I gave away the first bag before I took a photo of it. Sorry Cary, maybe that person will take a photo of it for us, or I'll get it another time.

Anyway, I liked it so much that I've since made another for myself and did remember to take a photo a photo at the beginning and end, but still forgot to take a photo before fulling... the color in the photo is off and I didn't feel like fussing with it.. it is mostly shades of garnet red, crimson, gold, black etc.

In these photos both needles being used can be seen.

The finished bag ....

A peek inside, pockets barely visible in the photo but very handy. The blue is a lace project in progress, using one of my laceweight yarns. I love this pattern and yarn and will post more about it soon.

The last project completed in 2006 other than a pair of socks were two hats, one for Connor and then because his mom liked it so much, one for her. I dyed worsted weight merino for something that would go well with denim and they turned out well.

Speaking of Connor... grampa bought him new slippers and Connor likes them very much. Here he is wearing his slippers. When he saw the camera, he came over for a close up... funny boy.

He stomped around in his slippers so much that he wore himself out quickly.. By the time he had lunch he could barely keep his eyes open.

In this photo, he was struggling to keep his eyes open ... but he likes to eat and was determined to finish his veggies.

Unable to stay awake and no longer able to complain if I took his food away, off to bed he went for a 3 hour nap!


Blogger Carissa said...

That bag is very cute. Connor is getting so big! I look forward to seeing more of that lace project and what you've been doing in the studio!

7:04 AM  
Blogger Theresa said...

Too cute! I have had my kids fall asleep in the food when they were that age! LOL I LOVE that you sell the pattern?

10:44 AM  
Blogger Holly said...

Nice bag! And Connor is adorable :~)

11:10 AM  

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